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company's value points

Post by kappa premium » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:02 am

Dear Reader,
Greeting for the day.
Customer First:
Customer will always be at core of our decisions.

Provide live and accurate stats and transparent payments.

Team Work:
We work with suppliers and customers as a team and ingrain this value in our employees as well.

We recognise efforts and results of our team,suppliers and carriers. It is proven mantra for success.

Positive Energy:
We work every day with full positive energy to attract positive results.

:-IPRN Numbers
:-Premium Rate Numbers
:-Premium Number Services
:-Audiotext Services
:-Domestic Premium Nmbers
:-Premium SMS Numbders
:-Short Calls Premium Numbers

For further details contact-
Test Panel-
Skype- mahiiprn
skype- pooja_494

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