Optima Saver Public IP solution for Call and SMS termination

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Optima Saver Public IP solution for Call and SMS termination

Post by optimasaver » Sun Nov 21, 2021 2:09 pm

Improlabs introduced Optima Saver Public IP solution for Call and SMS termination. Optima CMER tunnel includes this service. For this reason clients can get good voice quality with low bandwidth and high security. The key future of this solution is given below.

Key features:
Optima public IP solution can provide 12 different countries' servers. With dedicated RAM
SMPP port Open for SMS termination, So any one can terminate SMS from here.
This solution needs only one router; it supports over 500+ of different brands/models of Routers.
No need for any extra hardware in the router.
It uses CMER (Compressed Multiplexed & Encrypted RTP) technology, which allows it to run calls at only 8.1 kbps data usage without compromising the quality.
Bandwidth saving starts from the first call and 120 calls can be accommodated by using only 1 MB bandwidth.
An Internet failover system can insure your internet connection all time.
Auto server restart system solved server down issue for internet/electricity.
Low prices with good solutions can make termination business more profitable.
Unlimited data protection. CMER tunnels can protect data from being stolen.
Monitoring system integrated with router OS which can handle any sort of internet/electricity down issue.

Contact details :
Website: www.optimasaver.com
Skype I’d: sales.improlabs
Email I’d: info@improlabs.com
WhatsApp: +918642073226

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