selling the sms modem with best price

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Kara Chen
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selling the sms modem with best price

Post by Kara Chen » Thu Feb 25, 2021 3:45 am

This is kara.

Now I am selling SMS Modem, which can send bulk sms, support AT command, we will provide sms caster and USB driver.

SMS Modem 1/8/16/32/64 ports available.(2G/3G/4G)

In addition I am selling SK sms gateway, which support AT command/ SMPP connect/USSD Command, HTTP/API.

SK SMS 4-4/8-8/8-32/16-16/16-64/16-128/16-256/32-32/32-128/32-256/32-512/64-64/64-128/64-256/64-512 ports available.

The above 2 types of sms gateway is on Sale, if you are interested, please contact me now!

WhatsApp/wechat: +86 18211260112 ... 71d2MMXEad

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