"Robust and Flexible Omni channel Contact Center Solution"

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aditya anand
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"Robust and Flexible Omni channel Contact Center Solution"

Post by aditya anand » Wed Mar 10, 2021 7:41 am


Greetings From astTECS!

I'm Aditya Anand. I'm working for Telecom Products and manufactures company named "astTECS Communications",who offers business telecom solutions to startups, small industries and enterprises. Our Company offers call center solutions. The Features are given below.

Call Center Solutions are essential and an imminent necessity for most businesses that operate in a global environment. To survive in any business, customer satisfaction is the key and call center solutions from astTECS help in achieving the highest levels in customer care and support. This suite of applications provides cost effective operations management with enhanced features that include CRM integration, an integrated solution for both inbound and outbound calls and voice logger capabilities in a single integrated package.

For More information please feel free to contact me at the undersigned


+91 8086228356


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