0% IP and SIP blocking with Optima Saver

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0% IP and SIP blocking with Optima Saver

Post by optimasaver » Thu Mar 25, 2021 2:10 pm

Optima Saver releases CMER Router and PC base solution. Over 500+ routers of different models and brands can be used as CMER client.

Key Features:

Strong tunnel with 0% IP and SIP blocking.

Internet Failover System.

80% reduce Bandwidth

Low power Consumption.

Gateway browsing facility.

Server & Client restart scheduler.

Carrier management with bill calculates system

SIP Call test system with free dialer

Firewall system

Call filter solution

Customize Solution

For more details please contact our sales team over Skype.

Skype Id: sales.improlabs
Email: info@improlabs.com
Website: www.optimasaver.com

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