Optima Saver Multi Tunnel Mechanism

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Optima Saver Multi Tunnel Mechanism

Post by optimasaver » Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:28 pm

Multi-Tunnel mechanism was developed and integrated by Optima Saver to protect call termination businesses from getting blocked by internet service providers or other third party data or voice service providers who run DPI (Deep Packet Inspection). Blocking can cause serious hamper in call termination businesses by frequent disconnection of internet, call drops, router/modem blocking etc. Blocking types or patterns are different based on the country or location as well as ISP or Operators. Optima Multi-Tunnel recognizes the individual blocking types and uses both automated and manual tunnels to bypass them which existing common VPN or Bandwidth Optimization services (commonly known as SBO) cannot do.

Key Features:

Bypass any blockage in call termination process with Multi Tunnel deployment
Using up to 8 tunnels to bypass blocking
Secure business with ultimate Encryption Technology
Automated block pattern recognition to solve by our technical expertise
No extra cost for using multiple tunnels
Reduce 80%  Bandwidth cost
Block all types of junk call

Contact details:
Skype: sales.improlabs
Email: info@improlabs.com
Web: www.optimasaver.com

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